How to Use Snapchat as a Small Business or Nonprofit

Snapchat, that mysterious little yellow app with a strange ghost icon. Despite its origins being somewhat nefarious, it has grown into an excellent social media solution, if used correctly. Snapchat is used in a great number of creative ways that can be used to achieve many social media goals.

Before getting started on a Snapchat strategy, you need to understand the audience present on the network. The people that you will find on Snapchat are going to be teens and millennials, and ever growing and important group in marketing. This generation is known for one that needs to see creativity, consistency, and trustworthiness in the brands they will buy from. Millennials are also not forgiving of a brand that has boring content, nor a brand that babies them.

Creating Interesting Content on Snapchat

The first step in creating a good Snapchat social media strategy is to create a compelling story. Snapchat has an interesting feature called “Stories”. These stories are a compilation of your snaps (pictures / videos) that you have shared with all of your followers. Each snap lasts no more than 10 seconds, and from the time that you post it to your story, it will be there to see for 24 hours. After that, it is gone forever. If you already have your goal in mind and know what your story is going to be, you can skip to the next section to read how you can do it all simply and without much time commitment.

When you are planning your story don’t worry about how long or complicated the story is, just create the most interesting story you can come up with. A few things to consider while creating this story are what your end goal is and how you will achieve that goal. An example of goals you might set includes:

  • Increasing user engagement through conversation. Snapchat is not only a platform for sharing pictures and videos, it is a messaging platform as well. This is great for creating a meaningful conversation and engaging in real time with your followers. When targeting the millennial generation this can work wonders for your brand. Creating a conversation with these social users will help turn them into ambassadors. Having young, sociable, ambassadors to advocate your brand and spread it via word of mouth is invaluable.
  • Making a specific call to action. This can be done in a few ways. Perhaps you want to increase sales for a product or service or even a donation. Snapchat is a great way to share quick coupons. This will ensure that you get users coming back again and again to see your latest stories. When that is the case, you will have users that are guaranteed to see your call to action and act on it or tell you what they would like to see instead. Make sure you are listening and noticing what they are engaging with.
  • Releasing a new product, service, or update. For this imagine that you are creating a Super Bowl commercial. Think about all the creative, evocative, interesting ways that you can promote your new release. Build that minute to two minute long story-line and break it up into 10 second long clips.
  • Tell your brand story. Every company and nonprofit have a story about how it got started, who’s on the team, or that moment that changed their life forever. Don’t be afraid to share every last detail. Your followers will feel emotionally connected and resonate with you. On top of that, they will trust you more and be more willing to engage in the future.
  • Encourage participation and content creation. Creating content and ideas on your own can be difficult and time-consuming. Why not hold a contest or encourage people to share pictures and videos with you. To be able to use that content elsewhere, make sure your users know that you would like to use it later in places like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

How to Reduce Time and Energy When Using Snapchat

The part that takes the longest is figuring out your goal and planning your story. The next step is to break that story down into 5 – 10 second chunks that are compelling and keep your followers coming back. Once you have that done it is simple to be successful with your Snapchat content. Once or twice a day just film a quick 10 second video or take a picture and you are done. It is that simple.

If at the beginning of each week, or even each month, you just take a little time to plan out a specific goal and story there is nothing you can’t achieve on Snapchat!

This might take a little practice, but it will pay dividends and it will help you convert more sales, clients, and donations. Not only that, but your Snapchat strategy will help you succeed on Twitter and Facebook as well. Once everything is planned, you should only have to spend 5 min each day to succeed on Snapchat. Not too bad right?

If you have other techniques that you use to create an effective and high conversion Snapchat strategy let us know. We are always interested in hearing how people use social media to succeed.

So now that you know your story and how to create content easily, it is time to grow your following. If you want to know how to grow your Snapchat followers quickly and easily while increasing your social media conversions, stay tuned! More on that soon. That will be in our next newsletter.


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