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Hello Fuzers! Welcome to the first ever Top 5 Weekly Do Gooders! Every week, we’ll highlight 2 amazing people, 2 excellent non-profit organizations, and 1 brand that is going above and beyond to actually make the world a better place, and share their stories with you.

Get ready for an earful (eyeful?) of good news about great people doing incredible things!

1. Manny Pacquiao: Champion of the People.
Whether you paid $99 to tune in to watch the much-awaited “fight of the century,” or not, you’ve probably heard about Manny. His childhood was spent teetering on the brink of poverty in the Philippines, until boxing gave him a way to rise up and out of his circumstances. Not only has he become a world-class fighter, he has also become a congressman in his home country, hugely supported by the public. As many of us may have seen, the recent fight was the richest fight in history, with both fighters making well over $100 million. However, unlike his opponent Floyd Mayweather, who seems to be focused solely on personal prosperity, Manny Pacquiao has acknowledged his roots repeatedly in public settings. His ambition is to help the under-privileged majority of the Philippine population with his influence and wealth.

In fact, after the fight, he publicly declared that he is going to donate half of his nearly $100 million earnings to charity. Talk about a class act. He is working hard to help build up his home country to ensure that he will leave future generations with a better world than he had.

2. Ben Moser: Friends, No Matter What.
The second amazing person this week is Ben Moser, the quarter back of Susquehanna Township High School’s football team in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In 4th grade he made a promise to his childhood friend, Mary Lapkowicz, who has Down Syndrome. His vow was that he would ask Mary to prom when the time came. Sure enough, as the amazing and caring friend as he always was to her, he took her to prom as he’d promised.

Too many of us let another person’s single characteristic act to identify everything about them, without getting to really know them at all. These judgment calls can lead to huge misunderstandings within society, most notably in matters such as disabilities, mental illnesses, race, class, or any other sort of engendered differences that we choose to let ourselves be divided upon.

But Ben and Mary didn’t let that get in their way. After all, they had been childhood friends, and a promise was a promise. As Ben said, “Down Syndrome should never be a barrier to friendship and you should just be who you are, and do what is right”. Simple. Let this action be an example to how all of us can start acting today.

3. Haverford College: What Goes Around Comes Back Around
The first Do Good organization of the week is Haverford College. Back in 1977, as Howard Lutnick was still in high school he lost his mother to lymphoma. Two years later as he was leaving for college his father also passed away from a chemotherapy drug overdose improperly administered by a nurse. The president of Haverford College (to which Howard was planning on leaving to), Robert Stevens, got wind of the tragic news and called Howard himself. In their conversation, he expressed to the young boy, “Howard, your four years here are free.”

Later in life, Howard took that philanthropic action to heart and has not only donated $180 million to the families of his employees that were killed in the 9/11 attacks, but also a whopping $65 million to Haverford College for taking care of him when he needed it most. That is what we call Karma. Good on you Haverford College.

4. A Role Model for Nonprofits
Our second fantastic organization of the week is They are one of the leading research non-profits for ALS, and the go-to organization of the founder of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (Remember that thing that went viral last summer with everyone dumping ice cold water on their heads in hopes of raising awareness for ALS? If you still can’t remember, here you go, it’s apparently gotten its own Wikipedia page!)

If you still can’t remember, this is the Ice Bucket Challenge in action. What’s even more important to remember though, is that helping out the cause has to be more than dumping a bucket of ice over your head one day. Go to to find out how you can help or spread awareness about the disease.

We’ve chosen as one of our Top 5 Do Gooders of the week because they’re working diligently every day to unite all the ALS charities in the United States under one major umbrella. This step is crucial in a cause or a field like this in which there are various organizations working on different parts of the puzzle. is making sure that they are all working together within a solid network to reach a cure for ALS instead of fighting against one another to see who can get more money.

In a situation like this, sharing is caring. It would be counter-productive and silly if all organizations working to help different parts of the ALS issue were pitting themselves against each other. In fact, more nonprofits should be following their lead and creating intelligent and meaningful networks that allow them to build off of one another for a common cause.

We’re excited see what will be able to do with the Ice Bucket Challenge this year and and look forward to being a part of it!

5. Facebook!?: Yes, Facebook.
Finally, our top Do Good brand of the week is Facebook! Surprise, surprise. Despite what many of us may have come to believe, not all corporations are evil and out to gobble up our wallet or private data (or at least not all the time…) Anyways, yes, Facebook. In the past few weeks, or in the last month, you may have noticed a notification at the top of your Newsfeed on Facebook asking for you to donate a couple of bucks to Nepal to help the survivors of the terrible earthquake.

From the Red Cross, UNICEF, the governments of neighboring countries, and various nonprofit organizations, relief has poured into Nepal in the form of volunteers, food, shelter and monetary donations. But the difficult part is still yet ahead. They still need help rebuilding the disaster-struck country and people.

The part that you may not know is that people actually did. In fact, 1 million users stepped up and donated a total of $17 million! Facebook, we tip our hat to you for using your powers for good, instead of evil this time. It’s great to see places like Facebook taking advantage of the influence that they have (come on, let’s admit, everyone and their mother is on Facebook nowadays), to make a difference for the better in the world. Keep up the good work.

However, Nepal still needs our attention and support to rebuild their country. Here’s a list of places you can still go to help and donate.

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