MLK Day of Service: Easy Ways to Make a Difference

I’ve been fortunate to spend the past two Martin Luther King Days in Philadelphia at the city’s MLK Day of Service, the first and largest service event in the country. Over 100,000 people come together in Philadelphia on MLK Day to make a difference in their community.

You might think, as I did the first year I participated, that such a large crowd would mean big, planned ambitious projects are undertaken, probably only coming to fruition years of planning. And while amazing things are accomplished, they aren’t all that complicated and don’t require intense lead time to organize. The day is all about small acts of service that, when multiplied by the fact entire communities are participating, add up to enormous change.

Sound familiar? I hope so, because that’s exactly the idea behind FuzeUs: that small conscious decisions made by entire groups of people to give back to their communities day in and day out can quickly add up to massive change.

So how do we celebrate MLK Day of Service here at FuzeUs? By doing what we do everyday, and encouraging those around us to do the same. Want to join us? Here’s a list of small acts anyone can easily do on MLK Day – and everyday.

  1. Clean your closets and donate clothing to a local shelter. Ladies, consider taking any gently used business suits to a women’s shelter that will use them to outfit residents for job interviews. Old prom or bridesmaids dresses in your closet? Find an organization that’ll recycle those to disadvantaged high school students come prom season this spring.
  2. Live in a warm climate? Plant a tree. Suffering through winter? Think about elderly neighbors and offer to shovel their drive and sidewalk for them.
  3. Organize a group of friends and pick up the litter at your local park.
  4. Put together simple sack lunches and hand them out to homeless people you see. Or keep a 12 pack of bottled water in your car and hand them out one by one to the homeless waiting on the corners at intersections.
  5. Donate blood, offer to drive the church van or spend quality time with the animals at your local shelter.

Stuck at work and not sure you can even fit in one of those small acts? You can still make a difference – compliment a coworker, pick up lunch for some colleagues or find another way to brighten someone’s day. That alone is a beautiful act of service.

How will you celebrate Dr. King’s birthday? Let us know in the comments!



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