How FuzeUs Helps You Make the Most of Your Giving Back

At FuzeUs we know how precious your friends and family, time and money are to you. You work hard to provide for yourself and your family, make time for them when you don’t have any and prioritize those needs above everything else in your life. That’s why we don’t think you should then be expected to donate that time, talent or treasure without knowing exactly what the impact will be: if you’re choosing to support a cause that’s important to you, you should also understand the personal impact your actions are having in moving that cause forward.

For example, what if you knew that recruiting 5 new supporters to a cause was 10 times more valuable than a $20 donation? Or that adding 2 hours of volunteer time to your own donation would triple its real world value? Imagine how having that information at your fingertips would forever change how you approach doing good while also multiplying the difference you make.

FuzeUs can imagine it. In fact we’re building it for the people like you who want to understand the single best actions they can take in order to make the world they care about a little bit better.

For Millennials

All of us hear that the Millennial generation is more connected to the world around them than those directly ahead of them. Findings from the Pew Research Center confirm that: helping others is the third highest priority in Millennials’ lives. Yet Millennials don’t always give in the same way their parents and grandparents did, making it difficult for nonprofit organizations set up to communicate with those older generations to successfully connect with this generation at the same time.

That’s where FuzeUs comes in. We understand that you may be more interested in volunteering, introducing your favorite causes to your friends and family, maybe even crowdfunding a cause than you are simply sending in monthly tithing checks. That’s why we’ve given you a platform from which you can connect with others who support the same kind of causes that you’re interested in while also allowing you to share your activity with family and friends (and even invite them to participate alongside you). And, maybe best of all, we allow the nonprofits you support to understand the exact value your non-monetary actions bring them, which means they’ll be able to connect with you around ways to support them that meet both their needs and your interests and skills.

For Volunteers

Volunteering continues to thrive in the US: in 2012 64.5 million Americans volunteered nearly 7.9 billion hours of their time. That’s a lot of parks being built and meals being served, and we believe everyone wins when the relationship between volunteer and organization is strengthened. At FuzeUs we know that individuals volunteer for a number of different reasons, and we also know that nonprofits don’t always have a great way to connect with their volunteers beyond simply checking them in and sending a thank you email later.

But we also know that volunteers are twice as likely to donate as non-volunteers, so wouldn’t it be nice if it was easier to connect in a meaningful way? What if you knew that volunteering on Saturday and bringing 5 friends with you was 15x more valuable to a nonprofit than showing up on Wednesday afternoon by yourself? Wouldn’t you want to know that? Wouldn’t you want to be able to tell your friends just how valuable their contribution would be? At FuzeUs we’re making it easy for both you and the nonprofits you support to see this information so that your share of those 7.9 billion hours do the absolute best good they can. After all there are only 24 hours in each day so you best be committed to making each one of them count.

For Donors

We know that donations will always be at the heart of the relationship between individuals and nonprofits, so we’re making it a point to improve the donation experience as well. Whether you prefer to give at an event or monthly, or by check, online or mobile, FuzeUs helps you better understand your giving profile and even introduces you to causes and organizations it thinks you’ll like based on past behaviors and stated interests.

FuzeUs also allows you to understand the full network effect of your giving: maybe you only personally gave $25 to a particular campaign, but what if all of the people you’ve introduced to the organization collectively gave $5,000? Wouldn’t you want to know that? We would. For the first time we’re putting that kind of information at your fingertips – and also making it available in plain view to organizations, so you know what real monetary effect you’re having, and those whom you support know it too.


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