What It Means To Live the #Fuzelife

At FuzeUs we talk a lot about incorporating giving back into everyday life (around here we like to call it living the #fuzelife). But we also realize that sometimes all this talk about giving back, building community and being a good person can, well, sound really intimidating. The good person bar feels like one that “normal” people with normal jobs and normal responsibilities could never really cross because you’re just too busy with all the other responsibilities in your life to add yet another full-time job (that of being a good person) to your resume.

I get that. It was intimidating to me at first too, until I realized that living a #fuzelife just meant being mindful that the small actions I could take everyday, things that took less time than my daily coffee run (or that even were already a part of my daily routine, I just didn’t yet realize it), could create lasting change in my community.

What exactly do I mean? Here are just a few examples of small actions people are building into their everyday lives that are making a big difference in their community and the world:

  • The Dream Builders Project, a FuzeUs partner, holds flash mobs to feed the homeless in the LA area. All you do is show up at a local park with a few friends, pack a sack lunch and make someone’s day. Pretty easy, right? You don’t even need to be in LA or attending the formal event to make this happen – just pack an extra lunch one day a week and give it to someone in need on your way into the office.10458666_10152578600170676_7714947180275793576_n
  • Live in Colorado? Then in all likelihood you’ve climbed one of the state’s “14’ers”, the 54 peaks that rise above 14,000 feet above sea level. And if you’re already hitting the trail each weekend why not bag a summit this August 2 and you’ll get a 2-for-1: a lung-busting, incredible views workout for you while your effort provides clean water for 2 families in Nicaragua. Sounds like a good trade to me.
  • In Portland, Oregon, residents come together on Thursday evenings for Night Strike, a gathering under the famous Burnside Bridge that provides hot meals, clothing, sleeping bags and, possible most important, dignity and regular conversation, to the city’s homeless population. If you don’t live in Portland see if there are similar events in your area, or instead of feeding meals to the homeless see if you can just stop in and have a conversation with them while they eat.

These are just a few examples of the thousands of ways people around the country are living the #fuzelife. We’d love to hear from you what’s happening in your community. What are simple actions you can take each day to make your community better and live the #fuzelife? Let us know in the comments section!


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