Are you ready to be a Fuzer?


First, here’s a couple questions…

Are you...

Passionate about doing things for others and making an impact, but can’t find time to volunteer or come up with how to help the causes you care about?  

A parent who wants to get your kids involved in service activities around your community but can’t figure out how to make it fun?


Someone who wants to learn more about issues around the world and start making a difference but don’t know where to start?

Looking for a gift to give someone but are sick of gift cards, clothes, shoes, whatever else?

Do You...

Love getting stuff in the mail just for you? (We do!)

Want to do more than just like a picture, share a tweet, or sign a petition to make a difference?

Wish you could inspire others to do more good?

What’s a Do Goodies Box and what’s inside?

Every month we’ll mail you a little box of Do Goodies, with 3 levels of challenges for you to do, complete with instructions and a kit to help you tackle each level. Sometimes we’ll even be partnering up with great nonprofits or brands to provide you better tools (or even rewards) for your challenges!

Objective: The goal of each box is to help you or whoever is participating have fun while doing good, AND make sure everyone finds out just how awesome you’re being. The challenges will help you learn, teach, share and help out the causes you care about.

Each month will have a theme, centered around a holiday, an issue you’ve told us you care about (like climate change, education, mental health and more), or activities pertinent to a current event (i.e. the earthquake in Nepal, voting for gay rights, or the racial divides across the world).

Learn With Us

We’ll do thorough research on each topic so we can provide you with an up-to-date educational pamphlet about the important issues surrounding a subject so you can help us raise awareness, AND help out in the best way possible. We’ll even do the research on what organizations you can reach out to if you want to help out beyond our challenges. All you have to do is read the pamphlet and you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to help out by completing your challenges!


Show Everyone How Awesome You Are

Once you complete a challenge, share it with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using #dogoodies, #fuzelife, or @fuzeus, or on our website. (You can even see what other Fuzers are up to and how they’ve completed their challenges!) If we see you doing awesome work, you might even get featured in our monthly newsletter, blog, YouTube channel, or perhaps we’ll sneak in a GREAT goodie for all your hard work! Oh and if you think your friends need a kick in the rear, challenge them. For every friend you refer you will get $5 off your next box. Before you know it, you’ll not only get all your boxes free, but be able to gift the Do Goodies to others.

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Tell Us About Yourself

When you sign up for a Do Goodies Box, we’ll ask you a few questions. Your answers will help us determine what sort of challenges would be perfect for you (depending on your age, where you live, interests and passions). This way, you’ll get a box that’s tailored just for you!

AND we’ll be able to make sure that you’re doing good to help the causes YOU care about.


And, last but certainly not least…

(Gasp! Did someone mention prizes!?)

For every level of challenges you complete and share with us online, you’ll get points on your FuzeScore. Collect enough points and you’ll be eligible to win an awesome prize in reward for all the good that you’ve done! (You’ll be able to check your FuzeScore by logging into our website or app and checking your profile).

Psst…We have some great rewards in mind (you’ll just have to find out what!)

I Want Rewards!